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We celebrate creativity, and evidence the endless potential of African storytelling. Let's spread the joy of African cinema and continue changing lives.

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VdeoPro makes it an adventure filming in Africa and encourages project collaboration. We introduce African filmmakers to a worldwide audience, help creative aspirations come true through seminars, festivals, film exchange programmes, and production support.

We are a movement, a celebration of creativity, and proof of the limitless potential of African storytelling – VdeoPro is more than just a platform. Join us on this journey as we share the joy of filmmaking in Africa and continue to transform lives.

Our Vision

  • To inspire and empower African filmmakers
  • To foster Global reach for African stories
  • To empower diverse storytelling
Our Mission

We strive to create a bridge that connects to the richness of Filming in Africa

Filming in Africa - Production Support services from VdeoPro

Your African Filming Partner

Get film production support, including visa processing, licenses, filming permits, and equipment, across 10+ African countries.

What are people saying?

VideoPro connected me with fellow filmmakers from different African countries. The exchange program is a genuine opportunity for collaboration and cultural exchange. Highly recommended!

Nadia, Kenya

I stumbled upon VideoPro looking for a platform to showcase my work. Little did I know, it's not just a showcase but a community that celebrates diverse narratives. Proud to be part of it!

Luanda, Ghana

VideoPro made it easy for me to find like-minded filmmakers. The global cinematic community they've built is incredible, and the impact of sharing stories across borders is truly special.

Raj, South Africa